Our Green Ambition: Australia’s first solar powered tortilleria

Our Green Ambition: Australia’s first solar powered tortilleria

IMG_2023Jefte & I are always looking for ways to reduce our footprint. To make sure we are working in ways that have a minimal impact on our beautiful environment, as our business grows so does our green ambition.

We have just installed 16 solar panels to power our tortilleria, this will mean that all the power we use to bake our tortillas is coming from the sun! As we grow and our power demands increase so will our solar. Because the sun isn’t always shining, we are also moving to a power company that supports solely renewable energy sources. So we complete the loop.

We chose to start a business to pursue a lifestyle that makes us happy. To give us the freedom to live closer to the land and be a part of our environment, to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as we can. But the reality is sometimes sobering, having two young boys and getting a start-up off the ground, while maintaining some level of sanity is a challenge in itself. As a business we have so much more buying power, but it is also too easy to fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest easiest option, our society revolves around disposable convenience.

It has to be a conscious choice to reduce our impact in whatever way we can, so this is the beginning of fulfilling our green ambition. We believe that all of us, as consumers have the power to change the world. Buy voting with your wallet you are contributing to a cleaner greener planet, and a healthier, happier you.

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