Ay Chihuahua! Let’s taco bout the newest spot in Byron

Ay Chihuahua! Let’s taco bout the newest spot in Byron


Chihuahua; hole in the wall

Chihuahua, the new kid on the block, a hole in the wall taqueria in Byron Bay.

So many people don’t know what a good tortilla is. You begin with a good tortilla. And you have a head start already.

These guys have nailed a winning combo an awesome hole in the wall, arguably the best spot in Byron, in ferros arcade & fast, fresh, simple tacos on Doña Cholita tortillas. They do amazing corn on the cob, aguas frescas & house made salsa! All at a price that won’t break the bank. Chihuahua is the next taco stop to watch. Not only are Owner & Chef, Josh & Matt a killer team, they have a Mexican on board whose family owns a restaurant in a beautiful seaside town on the pacific coast in Mexico.  I’m confident whatever comes out of this little hole in the wall is going to be delightfully and authentically Mexican, with the obligatory Aussie twist!

Since starting Doña Cholita 12 months ago, it has been so exciting to see the standard of Mexican food offerings in this area and Brisbane really come up a notch! Aussie’s have finally cottoned on to the variety & flavour potential that Mexican cuisine offers. We are getting past the flour tortilla filled with cumin beans and nutty rice, covered in cheese and topped with way too much sour cream. We (as Aussies’) are starting to see the beauty of Mexican cuisine, the complexity of flavours, the variety of dishes and the passion. There is nothing a Mexican is more passionate about than food. Mexican Food! The history, the ingredients, the stories of growing up in a culture in which all celebrations, life in fact, revolves around food. I have never met a Mexican who hesitates to discuss food, their favourite home cooked meal at Abuela’s house, their favourite late night taco spot, their favourite dish from each city or town they’ve been to. You start a food conversation with a Mexican, you won’t get away without an invitation to a meal, and why would you want to!

Jefte will often tell me stories about one of the many cities he lived in in Mexico and his favourite meal to eat while there. Meals he ate 10-15 years ago, he describes as if it were yesterday. The flavours, the smells, the side dishes, how it was cooked & who he shared it with. Then he has this desire to recreate it! He gets excited, an excitement I don’t see very often, a sparkle in his eye that tells you, this meal is going to be sensational!

We are great believers in bold flavours, nothing subtle ever comes out of our kitchen. But also, good ingredients don’t need much help to shine, why smother a good piece of meat in sauce, if it’s a good piece of meat it doesn’t need anything but a pisca of salt and some hot charcoal to cook it over. Fresh, organic and full of flavour, if your ingredients are good, they make solid building blocks to create a meal that will be close to perfection.

So next time you’re in Byron and a craving for a taco suddenly hits, or your just looking for a quick eat you can chill on the grass by the beach with, check out Chihuahua. Off Johnson street In Ferros Arcade, look for the mural of the virgin and the friendly smiles.

corn on a cob

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