Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

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Q. What is the best way to heat Doña Cholita tortillas?

A. Heating instructions are on the back label, but in case you missed them, or you’re not getting it quite right here are a few more tips.

For best results get the tortillas out of the fridge at least 5 minutes before heating them.

Use a very hot pan, make sure it’s hot before you put the first tortilla on.

Heat for 10 seconds each side, flipping twice – place the tortilla on the pan, leave for 10 seconds (count 10 seconds, if you leave it too long, especially on the first side the tortilla will start to dry out), FLIP, leave for another 10 seconds, FLIP, leave for another 10 seconds, then remove from the heat and place in a pile in a tortillero or wrap in a clean tea towel (this keeps the tortillas warm so you can take them to the table to eat).

Q. What do you mean ‘traces of lime’? & what is ‘nixtamalized’?

A. The last ingredient in the list on our tortillas is traces of lime, this refers to a very minimal amount of calcium hydroxide that may be left over from the nixtamalization process our maize flour goes through.

To make a real tortilla nixtamalized maize flour must be used. In a nut shell, the dried corn kernals are soaked overnight in a lime (calcium hydroxide) solution then rinsed and ground to make masa (dough), this masa is then dehydrated to make the maize flour we use for our tortillas. This process has been used for thousands of years in Mexico and makes the corn not only easier to digest but the essential nutrients are also more readily available to the body. Read more about nixtamalization here

Q. Can I freeze Doña Cholita tortillas?

A. Yes! definitely. Our tortillas freeze well, they will last around 3 months frozen and don’t loose any of their delicious qualities.

Q. Why are Doña Cholita tortillas kept in the fridge?

A. We don’t use any preservatives and our flour is 100% organic (we are the only tortilla producer in Australia that uses only Organic flour). We don’t believe that real food should last a long time, food is at it’s best when it’s fresh!

Q. which vegetable oil do you use to fry your Totopos?

A. We use certified non gmo Rice Bran Oil to fry our tortillas to make totopos. Our labels say ‘vegetable oil’ because we had them printed before we had settled on which oil to use.

Q. What gives your blue tortillas their colour?

A. Blue corn is a variety of corn, the kernel actually has blue pigment, this is what gives it its colour. Read more about it here