Not only do we wholesale our tortillas and totopos to restaurants we also make 12 packs of tortillas and 200g bags of totopos that are sold in our local fruit & veg stores, health food stores & independent grocers, our stockist list is ever expanding, so if your local isn’t listed or doesn’t stock our products put them in touch with us.

Because our tortillas are fresh and have no preservatives they are kept in the Freezer or Fridge, make sure you reheat them before you tuck in.

      Stockists | Doña Cholita, Australia

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      1. Largerine
        Largerine / 10-6-2015 / ·

        Do u sell anywhere in Lismore?

        1. heyheytriplej
          heyheytriplej / 10-15-2015 / ·

          We have stockists in Lismore! Spars and IGAs and a few of the health food stores. If you’re favourite place doesn’t stock our products let them know you want them, chances are we can get them there!

        2. Lisa
          Lisa / 11-30-2015 / ·

          Nimbin Organic Food Co-op stockists now

      2. renae sirl
        renae sirl / 2-22-2016 / ·

        Would you like a stockist on the Sunshine Coast? I have a mostly organic grocery store called Renae’s Pantry in Palmwoods. Please have a look at our Facebook page (renaespantry). Every Friday night we put on a community event featuring local musicians and mexican food!! I have just removed the tortillas from our menu because on the alarming ingredients contained in most of the brands we tried. I would LOVE to bring the tortillas back and feature your gorgeous product? Is this something we might be able to discuss further? Thanks so much for creating this wonderful business. Renae xx

      3. M
        M / 3-22-2016 / · so that we can purchase online

      4. Julie willoughby
        Julie willoughby / 5-21-2016 / ·

        My name is Julie Willoughby I own jw’s Boutique catering am I able to purchase from you

      5. Alba
        Alba / 7-13-2016 / ·

        Do you have any stockists in Canberra, ACT?

      6. Maria Gallo
        Maria Gallo / 11-19-2016 / ·

        Do you have stockists in Melbourne?
        Thank you

      7. Vanessa
        Vanessa / 12-18-2016 / ·

        Do you have any stockists in Sydney?

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