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Blue Corn Tortillas: A Predicted Food Trend In 2017

Blue Corn Tortillas: A predicted Food Trend in 2017

Our Doña Cholita Blue Corn Tortillas and Totopos are made with organic, non-genetically modified blue corn flour and the word is that they are going to be a big food trend in 2017.

Blue Corn is also known around the world as purple corn or purple maize and purple coloured foods are set to be one of the fastest growing food trends in 2017.

 According to global health food company Whole Foods, purple foods are predicted to be a rising food trend in 2017 among consumers for their flavour, their colour and their potential health benefits. The purple food range includes a whole spectrum of purple coloured foods from dark black rice to vibrant purple cauliflower to purple skinned sweet potato and, of course, to our favourite, delicious blue corn.

What is Blue Corn?

Blue corn varieties are native to Southwest America and Central and South America. Blue Corn is essentially the same species as White and Yellow Corn. The difference is that Blue Corn contains pigments called anthocyanins which are known to have antioxidant activity. These anthocyanins give the deep shades of colour to blue corn and other purple coloured plant foods such as blueberries, eggplant and red cabbage. Blue Corn and its flour derivatives have recently gained popularity as an ingredient in tortillas, corn chips or totopos, pancake mixes, cereals and cornbread.

Is Blue Corn better for you?

The organic Blue Corn that we use in our Doña Cholita Blue Corn Tortillas and Totopos is nixtamalised, which means it has undergone a process to soften the hull of the kernels while retaining important nutrients and making the product more easily digestible. Researchers in Mexico, the home of the tortilla, recently discovered that Blue Corn Tortillas contain 20% more protein than their white corn counterparts. * Blue Corn tortillas also have less starch and a lower glycaemic index (GI) than their white corn alternatives.

Research is ongoing into the health benefits of blue corn and purple coloured foods but their potential as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories is promising. What we do know is that our Blue Corn Tortillas and Totopos taste delicious. They are also made with the best quality blue corn flour we can find that’s organic, non-genetically modified and nixtamalised. We’re excited that Blue Corn Tortillas and Totopos are set to be a food trend in 2017. Taste the difference soon!


Blue Corn Tortillas: A predicted Food Trend in 2017

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