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Celebrating One Year Of GreenPower !!

Celebrating One Year of GreenPower !!

Reducing our carbon footprint is something we take very seriously at Dona Cholita. Did you know that our tortillas are baked thanks to the sixteen solar panels on the roof at the tortilleria?

Using solar has been great and soon we will be looking to increase the number of panels. However, the sun doesn’t shine all the time here in the Northern Rivers and last year we looked for a power company that supports renewable energy and guess what we found one.


The GreenPower Program is a government managed scheme that enables Australian households and businesses to displace their electricity usage with certified renewable energy, which is added to the grid on their behalf.

Not only do GreenPower supply green energy they also reinvest in green energy systems around Australia. With only 13% of Australia using green energy we are hoping to help GreenPower to tip the scales and increase this number.


We are always looking to the future and reducing our carbon footprint is something we are happy to invest in.




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