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Celebrating Three Years

Celebrating Three Years


Earlier this week we celebrated the birthday of Doña Cholita tortilleria and the journey over the past three years. It was on April 1st of 2015 that we took our first order and we felt like we officially became a business.

Over the past three years, our little humble family business has grown to stock tortillas and totopos to over 100 stores in Australia and a collection of note-worth restaurants and cafes. And we still feel like it’s just the beginning.

But our motivation for starting the business was simple. Jefte was craving authentic Mexican food just like he ate back home. So we had a crazy idea to make tortillas! After all, it’s not unusual for your average Mexican to eat one dozen fresh corn tortillas a day! We also wanted to share the real taste of authentic tortillas with everyone we knew.

So we imported a traditional tortilla oven from Mexico, found suppliers for our organic ingredients and named the business Doña Cholita after Jefte’s Grandmother who inspired us enormously with her love of Mexican food and Mexican cooking.

We are so excited to see where our business takes us over the coming year and we are so thankful for your support to help us get to where we are today.




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