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Our Corn Tortilla Recipe Explained

Our Corn Tortilla Recipe Explained

If you could guess how many ingredients go into our corn tortilla recipe what would you say? Maybe you would answer four or five ingredients like corn, flour, water and some secret, well-guarded Doña Cholita magic ingredient?

Well, you might be surprised to learn then that there are actually only two ingredients in our Doña Cholita Corn Tortilla recipe. And they’re both magic! Can you guess what the two ingredients are?

Nixtamalised Maize Flour

The first magic ingredient that makes our corn tortilla recipe taste so good is organic, non-genetically modified, nixtamalised maize flour. How’s that for a tongue twister? Don’t worry; it’s not as scary as it sounds!

Put simply, the flour we use in our corn tortilla recipe is organic. This means that the corn, or maize as it is known in some other countries around the world, that the flour is made from has not been in touch with any nasty pesticides or chemicals. The flour is also non-genetically modified, or non-GMO, which means that the corn plant from which it is made has not had its DNA structure manipulated. Lastly, the corn milled to make the flour has been nixtamalized. This means that it has undergone a specific cooking process that releases important nutrients from the kernels to make it more easily digestible.

So what is the nixtamal process? It is a scientific but simple cooking method where the dried corn kernels are boiled in an alkaline solution, usually lime water, and then left to soak. The corn kernels begin to ‘activate’ and soften and their hulls loosen. The alkaline liquid is then drained off and the corn is rinsed before being used fresh or dried and turned into flour.

Filtered Water

The second magic ingredient in our corn tortilla recipe is filtered water. Only the best, to ensure our tortillas are premium quality and taste. It’s really that simple!

Most supermarket tortillas aren’t made with nixtamalised corn flour and therefore they lack the additional nutritional benefits of our Doña Cholita Corn Tortilla recipe. Supermarket tortillas also include many additives. Our white corn and blue corn tortillas contain no preservatives, no flavour enhancers and nothing artificial. You can taste the difference!

Corn Varieties

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