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Doña Cholita Tortilleria Turns One

Doña Cholita tortilleria turns one

We can hardly believe that it’s been one year since opening the doors of our beloved Doña Cholita tortilleria in the picturesque village of Burringbar in northern New South Wales.

Our motivation for starting the business was simple. Jefte was newish to Australia and he was craving authentic Mexican food just like he ate back home. He was especially missing the fresh Mexican corn tortillas which families buy daily from their local tortilleria in the same way that Australians buy their daily bread from the local bakery.

Our solution?  We had a crazy idea to make the tortillas ourselves! After all, it’s not unusual for your average Mexican like Jefte to eat one dozen fresh corn tortillas a day! We also wanted to share the real taste of authentic tortillas with everyone we knew. So we imported a traditional tortilla oven from Mexico, found suppliers for our organic ingredients, moved our young family from Brisbane and the rest is history.

We named the business Doña Cholita after Jefte’s Grandmother who inspired us enormously with her love of Mexican food and Mexican cooking. She has shared many original Mexican recipes with our family, which we enjoy at home daily using fresh ingredients, many that we grow in our own garden.

One year on and going strong the Doña Cholita product range now includes our original organic corn tortillas, our organic blue corn tortillas and our ever-popular totopos Mexican corn tortilla chips. The range is distributed to retailers throughout South East Queensland and northern New South Wales.  We also supply some top notch restaurants, some of which are quality Mexican, whose chefs say they can’t get better tortillas than ours!

Down at the Doña Cholita tortilleria we have a small part time staff that works alongside Jefte to help churn out hundreds of kilograms of light and puffy fresh corn tortillas per week as well as our hand cut and fried totopos, which are the most delicious Mexican tortilla chips you will taste. Meanwhile, Joey spends her time running the administration and marketing side of our business while running after our two young boys.

It’s been an amazing start to Doña Cholita tortilleria and we can’t wait to see what the second year will bring.

Thanks for supporting us!

Jefte and Joey

Doña Cholita tortillas

Our white corn tortillas and blue corn totopos


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