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The key is to have the tortillas out of the fridge so they are room temp (or close to) when you’re heating them and make sure the heating surface is SUPER hot before you put the tortilla on (if it’s not hot enough the tortilla will dry out without heating properly), and it really only takes MAX 30 secs to heat 1 tortilla, much less if it’s a commercial grill (flip twice on a grill) or sandwich press (no flipping required), it’s a quick process.

There’s a sweet spot with tortillas if you under heat them they’ll be hard on the edges still, but if you over heat them they will be like cardboard and dry out when you serve them. You can tell you’ve got it right, they will be soft, floppy and moist.

If you want to be organised and pre heat some, heat them and store them in a tortillero or wrapped in a tea towel in a stack. You can pre-heat what you’ll use in say a 1/2 hr period. But it’s a bit like toasting bread, the result will always be better if you do them as you need them.

Yes! definitely. Our tortillas freeze well, they will last around 3 months frozen and don’t loose any of their delicious qualities.

The last ingredient in the list on our tortillas is traces of lime, this refers to a very minimal amount of calcium hydroxide that may be left over from the nixtamalization process our maize flour goes through.

To make a real tortilla nixtamalized maize flour must be used. In a nut shell, the dried corn kernals are soaked overnight in a lime (calcium hydroxide) solution then rinsed and ground to make masa (dough), this masa is then dehydrated to make the maize flour we use for our tortillas. This process has been used for thousands of years in Mexico and makes the corn not only easier to digest but the essential nutrients are also more readily available to the body. Read more about nixtamalization here

We don’t use any preservatives and our flour is 100% organic (we are the only tortilla producer in Australia that uses only Organic flour). We don’t believe that real food should last a long time, food is at it’s best when it’s fresh!

We use certified non gmo Rice Bran Oil to fry our tortillas to make totopos. Our labels say ‘vegetable oil’ because we had them printed before we had settled on which oil to use.

Blue corn is a variety of corn, the kernel actually has blue pigment, this is what gives it its colour. Read more about it here

We stock over 100 stores across Australia in health food stores, fruit and vegetable stores and independent grocers. All you need to do is type in your postcode over on our Stockist Finder page.

e sell our tortillas and totopos direct to cafe’s, restaurants and shops and work with wholesalers to make our products available around the country.

If you’d like to use or stock our products, fill out the contact form or give the tortilleria a call during office hours.

Got a question that isn’t answered below, send us an email

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