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Five Essential Mexican Ingredients

Five Essential Mexican Ingredients

To help you prepare your own Mexican food at home, we’ve put together a shortlist of Five Essential Mexican Ingredients to keep on hand in your garden, pantry and fridge.

Being an Australian – Mexican family, we grow, cook and eat Mexican food at home pretty much every day! A typical day might include Huevos Rancheros for breakfast and make your own Tacos using our of Doña Cholita corn tortillas for dinner served with a batch of our favourite homemade Salsa recipe. Mexican food is delicious and quick to prepare, so why wouldn’t we eat it every day? The best part is that our boys love it too!

These Five Essential Mexican Ingredients will help you achieve an authentic Mexican flavour without too much trouble at all.


You can add diced avocado to a chunky salsa of chopped tomato, lime, coriander, chilli and red onion and of course it’s the essential ingredient in everyone’s favourite dip – Guacamole!


The best part about using chilli in Mexican food is that you can add as much or as little as you like. Whether you use smoked, dried, fresh or pickled chilli there’s a flavour and heat to suit everyone – from super hot habanero to smoke dried chipotle and pickled red and green jalapeño. Buy chilli fresh, canned or in jars from the supermarket or, even better, grow your own!


Frijoles means ‘beans’ and in Mexican food Black Turtle Beans and Pinto Beans are commonly used. You can add Black Beans to meat dishes or serve them vegetarian style while Pinto Beans are used to make refried beans, which are used in burritos or as a dip ingredient. Both types of bean are available in cans from the supermarket.


The citrus tang of lime juice is an essential ingredient to squeeze over fresh pico de gallo, to add to meat marinades, to use in ceviche to ‘cook’ your fish and of course to mix up a Margarita!


Keep a packet of Doña Cholita corn tortillas on hand to make tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas tostadas and more! You can also warm your tortillas to use as a scoop for meat and bean dishes.

Mexican Ingredients


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