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Five Mexican Drinks To Beat The Heat

Five Mexican Drinks to Beat the Heat

It’s the middle of Summer here in northern New South Wales and as a family we have been relishing the longer days, the warm sunshine and the beautiful local beaches. There have been lots of gatherings with family and friends and we have enjoyed some delicious Summer style Mexican food created fresh from the garden. This got Jefte and I reminiscing about some of the delicious and refreshing drinks we used to enjoy in Mexico. You may be familiar with drinks like Mojitos and Margaritas, but there are so many other popular Mexican drinks to enjoy. Here I’ve put together a list of Five Mexican Drinks to Beat the Heat that you can make at home this month for your family or a crowd.


This one reminds me a bit of an iced chai. You simply soak rice and cinnamon in water overnight then blitz with almond meal. You strain the liquid in cheesecloth to remove the rice, cinnamon and almond pieces and stir in some condensed milk and vanilla. The Horchata is served chilled over plenty of ice.

Agua de Jamaica

This is essentially a rosella cordial. Agua de Jamaica is super popular in Mexico where it is served on the footpath by little food vendors in, icy cold and sweet in a small plastic bag with a straw. It was always our favourite on a hot day. Agua de Jamaica is made with water, sugar, hibiscus flowers and sometimes a splash of ginger and lime juice that’s mixed like a punch and served cold – plastic bags optional!


A Michelada is an alcoholic cocktail or ‘beertail’ made with a Mexican beer known as cerveza, lime juice and assorted sauces such as Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and hot sauce. It is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass and is considered an acquired taste!


A Paloma is a tequila based cocktail featuring fresh red grapefruit juice with a squeeze of lime juice and some sugar served in a salt rimmed glass that’s topped with a refreshing splash or two of soda water. A Summer sunset drink for the grown-ups!

Aguas da Frutas

Aguas de Frutas are fresh fruit waters made with crushed or blended fruit and are a popular drink all over Mexico.  Strawberries and watermelon are a popular choices of fruit. You first make a sweetened and chilled fruit puree that is strained, then mixed with water and served over ice with a mint and lime garnish. The kids will love it!

Try one or all of these simple Five Mexican Drinks to Beat the Heat this Summer!

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