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The Food Of Puebla In Mexico

The food of Puebla in Mexico

Puebla is a landlocked state in east-central Mexico. The capital city, also named Puebla, was settled by the Spanish back in 1531 to secure a trade route between Mexico City and the seaside port of Veracruz in the Gulf of Mexico to the east. Puebla is well known for its elaborate annual festivals including Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates the Mexican army’s unlike victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla, and the Day of the Dead celebrations in the Pueblan village of Huaquechula. But the food of Puebla in Mexico is also famous. The cuisine embraces classic dishes as well as some incredible, modern street food. Here are some examples of the food of Puebla.


Mole Poblano

A rich dark-red sauce is made from a long list of ingredients, including dried chillis and chocolate. Its origins are thought to trace back to a group of nuns in 17th-century Puebla, who improvised the sauce for a visiting Archbishop. Mole Poblano is often served with turkey or chicken at celebrations like Cinco de Mayo.

Simple Mole Poblano Recipe



The excess dough is removed from the inside of a cemita roll that is then filled with avocado, quesillo cheese, pork, pápalo (a herb), onion, and chipotle. They are known locally as ‘cemas’.



These are lightly fried corn tortillas that are topped with salsa, onion and shredded chicken or beef. They are made on street corners typically in the evening.


Tacos Árabes 

It’s a cross between a stuffed pita bread and a taco. Spit-roasted pork is served in a pita-style bread with a special chipotle salsa and a squeeze of lemon juice.



A corn masa dough is filled with anything from cheese and mashed potato to huitlacoche (similar to a mushroom) or tinga (shredded chicken in tomato and chipotle sauce), before it is fried and served with salsa.



A crispy fried roll is filled with lettuce, beans, salsa, and shredded beef like a Mexican sandwich.



A hand-crafted liqueur made from raisins that is served in a shot glass with a cube of salty aged cheese and a shriveled grape on a toothpick in the glass.


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