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One of our customers recently asked us if we had any winter recipes,  a Mexican soup recipe that you could eat with our tortillas. There are a few recipes for soup that we love and we are going to share them over the coming months – a season for soup! 

This recipe is a classic, it is also known as cowboy beans and if you soak the beans overnight it really is simple and easy to make.


serves 6

250gm Pinto beans (or bay beans if you can find them)
3 liters of water
100gm bacon, cut in 1 cm strips
150gm chorizo, cut in 3cm strips
2 cloves of garlic, minced 
200gm ripe tomato, diced
½ cup of fresh coriander, chopped
3 Arbol Chilies (this is a common dried chilli in Mexico, long red dried chillies will do the trick)
Salt to taste

Optional extras to serve; 
50gm Pork crackling (in Mexico this is called Chicharron)
1 jalapeño, finely diced 
¼ cup onion, finely diced
4 limes, cut into wedges


Soak beans overnight in plenty of water, the beans will absorb lots of water so don’t be shy.
Rinse and drain

Cook beans in 3 litres of water until soft, pressure cooker approx 20mins, 2hrs on the stove top.

Fry bacon in a medium heat pan until slightly golden, add chorizo and cook, add onion, garlic, tomato & chilies, fry it all together until cooked.

Once the beans are cooked and soft, add the fried ingredients to the pot of beans, cook for a further 20 mins

Add salt to taste, 
To serve, mix through fresh coriander

Serve in bowls with extras on the side for people to add themselves  

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