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How To Be Gluten Free And Enjoy Mexican Food

How to be Gluten Free and enjoy Mexican Food

If you are coeliac or if you experience gluten sensitivity we have some good news! Did you know that Mexican food is actually gluten free friendly?  In fact, it is quite easy to be gluten free and enjoy Mexican food without the fear of the dreaded gluten effect. We don’t mean that you need to reach for tasteless substitutes or that you need to miss out on those fabulous Mexican flavours. If you are gluten free and enjoy Mexican food there are actually many authentic and delicious dishes you can eat at home or out!  Here’s how:

Fresh Ingredients

Part of the reason that it’s so easy to enjoy Mexican food if you are gluten intolerant is that most of the ingredients used in Mexican recipes are fresh and unprocessed. There’s plenty of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese and herbs that go into Mexican recipes. If you’re cooking Mexican food at home just make sure you avoid the overly processed supermarket items like sauces and packet mixes and make your own marinades, spice blends, fresh salads and salsas.


Corn, or Maize as it is known in other parts of the world, is a large part of Mexican cuisine and its flour derivative is a saviour for anyone following a gluten free diet. Maize flour is made by drying and powdering fresh corn. This flour is then made into dough called masa, which is used to make popular Mexican dishes such as tamales, sopes and our favourite tortillas! At Doña Cholita our gluten free tortillas are made using organic maize flour derived from white and blue corn. Tortillas are sometimes made from wheat flour too so make sure you stick to the corn based variety and you will be safe.

 Eating Out

Most good Mexican restaurants will offer a menu that includes a good number of gluten free dishes and options for gluten free variations. Sometimes it’s as simple as swapping a flour tortilla for a corn tortilla. Beware that burritos are usually made on wheat flour based tortillas but for an alternative you can often order a burrito bowl minus the tortilla or often you can ask for rice instead.

 So if you’re gluten free and enjoy Mexican food there is no need to go without. Buen Provecho!

Gluten Free Flautas

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