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Celebrating Independence Day In Mexico

Celebrating Independence Day in Mexico

Like all festivals and special celebrations in Mexico, Independence Day is a colourful and loud affair. Celebrated on 12 September, Independence Day in Mexico is referred to locally in Spanish as “El Grito de la Independencia”, which translates to “The Cry of Independence.”  It was named after the cry of a Roman Catholic priest named Father Miguel Hidalgo who led the country’s revolt against Spanish rule. When Spanish government officials discovered Father Hidalgo was holding a public independence rally, his arrest was ordered. In the early hours of 16 September 1810 Father Hidalgo gave an impassioned speech to his congregation – or a ‘cry of independence’ – and Mexico’s Independence was won the following day.

Nowadays, celebrating Independence Day in Mexico begins late on the night of 15 September – the eve of Independence Day. Crowds gather across Mexico in public places to ring the liberty bell and hear a recitation of Father Hidalgo’s speech. The national anthem is played and there is a joyous celebration with the colours of the Mexican flag festooned everywhere. The celebration continues the following day.

Independence Day is the biggest celebration on the Mexican calendar (even bigger than Cinco de Mayo). The people of Mexico Independence Day with plenty of delicious food, drinks parades, and entertainment with family and friends.

The most famous and traditional “El Grito de la Independencia” dish is chiles en nogada. The dish represents the colours of the Mexican flag, with stuffed green poblano peppers served in a white walnut sauce and decorated with red pomegranate seeds. Another celebratory dish is pozole, a soup made of hominy and pork. It usually starts with either pork or chicken stock and the meat is added as a garnish, along with shredded lettuce and radish slices. Pozole is traditionally accompanied by tostadas, crunchy fried corn tortillas.  As for drinks, tequila and mezcal are always flowing as fruit juices are made from fresh seasonal fruits like guavas, apples combined with sugarcane and raisins. And there will always be fresh guacamole and tortilla chips!

Feliz día de la Independencia

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