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Introducing Doña Cholita’s Chipotle Corn Chips

Introducing Doña Cholita’s Chipotle Corn Chips

If you’ve tried our original white and blue corn organic Totopos you know there is no better tasting corn chip. They are made using our organic corn tortillas, which we hand cut and fry in small batches to ensure the best quality chip and freshest corn flavour.

Our new Doña Cholita Chipotle Corn Chips are made in the same tradition, but unlike other flavoured corn chips, they aren’t coated in flours and flavourings. They are made with real food and real ingredients, just like our original varieties.

“Essentially the Chipotle Corn Chips were developed because our supplier sent us the wrong flour,” said Jefte. “It’s was a coarser grind and we found that it didn’t make the totopos that we loved, but it did make a delicious ‘corn chip’.”

So, Jefte began testing chipotle corn chip recipes in the tortilleria kitchen as a way to use up the flour. It took the best part of six months to get the recipe right and create a product that he and Joey were happy to send to market.

“We wanted to get the smoky chipotle flavour, without too much heat,” said Joey.  “So that you could taste the spice without burning your mouth out!”

For the uninitiated, a chipotle is a smoked-dried jalapeño chilli. The Doña Cholita Chipotle Corn Chip recipe includes chipotles in adobo, which is a tangy and sweet tomato based sauce. The secret to the smoky and spicy flavour is that the chipotles are baked into the chip, unlike most other corn chips, that are flavoured with powders and extracts.

“We are using only real food. The tinned chipotles have no added nasties or preservatives and we season the chips with a blend of ground chipotle powder, paprika and salt,” said Jefte.

Each pack of Doña Cholita’s Chipotle Corn Chips includes a mix of white and blue corn chips so you can enjoy the variation in flavours.

“We are totally addicted to the chipotle chips,” said Joey.” Even ‘Mr Almost Three’ loves them!”

Keep an eye out for Doña Cholita’s Chipotle Corn Chips on the shelves or visit our stockists page to see where you can buy our products throughout Australia Don’t forget to let us know if you can’t find our products near you and we will work our magic!

P.S. Stay tuned for more Mexican corn chip flavours down the track!


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