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Dona Cholita - Our Story

Our Story

Nestled in the Byron Bay Hinterland, Doña Cholita is Australia’s first solar-powered Tortilleria, using 100% natural ingredients.  Doña Cholita was founded in 2015 by husband and wife duo, Australian-born Joey and her Mexican beau, Jefte.

After settling in the Northern Rivers shire, Jefte was craving the authentic Mexican flavours from his childhood. Unable to find a tortilla that ‘tasted like a tortilla’, the pair began baking their own tortillas from scratch, so that they could replicate the traditional Mexican experience at home. After all, it’s not unusual for your average Mexican to eat at least eight fresh corn tortillas a day!

They soon realised that there were others, who not only shared their desire for quality, mouth-watering Mexican food, but who had a craving for education around living a Mexican-inspired lifestyle.  Jefte and Joey imported a traditional tortilla oven from Mexico, sourced suppliers for organic ingredients and started producing mouth-watering Mexican staples that they could share with Australia  – Doña Cholita was born.

Doña Cholita is named after Jefte’s Grandmother, who inspired in us a love of wholesome food and Mexican cooking. Our business is a tribute to our Mexican heritage and to our family who have shaped us to become who we are today. We are excited to share our recipes and help you to enjoy a taste of genuine Mexican culture through our food.”

Dona Cholita Joey + Jefte Juarez
Organic Corn Tortillas - Dona Cholita

Our Philosophy

Traditionally in Mexico, a Tortilleria used to serve a neighbourhood with fresh corn tortillas. Inspired by this, we aim to bring the authentic taste of Mexico to every corner of Australia, with love from the Northern Rivers.

Our mission is to craft the best corn tortillas in Australia and make authentic Mexican products – designed to share – that are natural, sustainable and accessible to all Australians.  To achieve this, we use quality organic ingredients that reflect the real taste of Mexico.

Our products reflect our philosophy and reinforce the importance of family. We believe in the power of our food to bring families together and to foster community by sharing a meal that has been made with heart.

We pride ourselves on providing quality, fresh, traditional tortillas and totopos.  The vision for Doña Cholita extends beyond the kitchen.  We also wanted to have a business that had a small carbon footprint and that is why we are Australia’s first solar powered tortilleria.  Our commitment to quality and to sustainability makes us confident that tortillas and totopos will become a versatile staple in Australian kitchens.

Our People

We are a passionate family of foodies, who love sharing a meal together and enjoying the simple things in life. We believe in working within a supportive community towards our common goal of crafting the best authentic corn tortillas in Australia.


A motivated and passionate team is the success behind any business and so we’re always on the look out for like-minded people. Drop your resume and a cover letter to

To see our current job listings head over to our Work With Us page.

Dona Cholita
Dona Cholita


Did you know that our Tortilleria is operated by sixteen solar panels on the roof and Enova Energy (our local renewable company)?

Reducing our carbon footprint is important to us at Doña Cholita.  Using solar helps us to keep our business processes sustainable.  As the sun doesn’t shine all the time here in the Northern Rivers, we joined with Enova Energy to provide the extra power we need to operate our tortilleria.

We also participate in The GreenPower Program, which is a government initiative that enables Australian households and businesses to displace their electricity usage with certified renewable energy, which is added to the grid on their behalf.

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