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Reasons Why We Should All Be Eating Organic Food

Reasons Why We Should All Be Eating Organic Food

Organic food consumption is on the rise. As organic food advocates and manufacturers, we think that’s fantastic! We are proud to say that Doña Cholita Organic Corn Tortillas are made from a sustainable supply of organic ingredients and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are very conscious about food quality and the potential benefits of eating organic food for our young family and we want to spread the word!

Here are a couple of reasons why we should all be eating organic food.

Eating Organic Food can reduce our exposure to Chemicals and Pesticides

Because of the increasing of urbanization of recent decades, people and animals come into contact a lot more. Many animals are considered pests by human beings as they damage and spoil food and property – hence why companies like have so much work to do in all kinds of places where pests reside. Farmers of course, need to make sure that these pests don’t transfer their diseases and bacteria onto the crops, and so it is necessary for pesticides to be used. It’s true that organic food may not all be 100% chemical and pesticide free. This is because the food may have been grown on land previously used for non-organic food production where chemical and pesticide residues may exist.

However, the pesticide residues found in organic food are considerably lower than those found in non-organic food produced with synthetic chemicals, according to Better Health Victoria. So, eating organic food ahead of non-organic food can reduce our exposure to chemicals and pesticides.

Eating Organic Food is Better for the Environment

Eating organic food grown using organic farming principles without the use of synthetic chemicals is better for the environment in many ways. Following organic farming principles, weeds are hand pulled rather than sprayed and chook and cow manure is reused as fertiliser. Organic farming practices are a labour of love for our farmers who work tirelessly to protect the land and waterways, as well as the health of our farm workers, our livestock and ultimately the quality of our food.

Eating Organic Food May Be Better for You

The jury is out on whether eating organic food may be better for you in terms of nutritional content. Plus, blogs like Smart Organic Living are there to guide us with organic living. We can immensely benefit from using natural organic foods and products. Organic farms tend to be smaller operations that often sell their products closer to the point of harvest. This results in a fresher, tastier product that has avoided irradiation practices and traveled fewer miles. That has to be better for you!

These are just a few reasons why we should all be eating organic food. Let’s keep supporting our organic farmers and organic food manufacturers so that buying organic food is not just a rising trend. Let’s make it the norm!

Here’s a pic of our garden flourishing back in Autumn. We’ve just replanted a spring crop

Reasons Why We Should All Be Eating Organic Food

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