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The Beach Food Of Mexico

The Beach Food of Mexico


Spending time at the beach is one of the highlights of any trip to Mexico. The Yucatan Peninsula beaches of Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Cancun on the Caribbean Sea are ever popular for tourists while Baha California in the far north has a long history of beach and surf culture.


Of course, when you are relaxing at the at the beach in Mexico between swims you can work up a thirst and appetite, and so its handy to have mobile vendors carving up the sand with refreshments throughout the day to keep you hydrated and sated.


The beach food of Mexico is, unlike Australia, more than ice creams, cold drinks and crisps. It’s possible to order delicious, freshly prepared food for feasting all day delivered right to your beach umbrella. Here are some of the best beach foods of Mexico to help laze the day away.


Cold Coconuts (Cocos Helados)

There is nothing more exotic and more refreshing than a fresh cold coconut cracked and opened in front of you. The sweet coconut water is hydrating while the soft flesh makes an ideal snack.



There is something wonderful about eating seafood by the sea – it’s like a farm to table experience but a sea to plate version. In Mexico, vendors along the beach prepare fish skewers and prawn skewers which they then cook over flame on the beach and bring down to hungry beach goers with fresh lime juice for squeezing over the top.



You can also enjoy the catch of the day ‘raw’. Well, ceviche is actually cured, and could include shrimp, octopus, fish and clams gently ‘cooked’ in acidic lime juice and served with crunchy tortilla chips. It’s so healthy and light that you could you could eat it all day!



These puffed up pieces of fried pork rinds come in large bags and make a tasty savoury if not salty snack to share.


Candy Carts

You might spot colourful cart filled with buckets of snacks like nuts and sweets that you purchase by their weight for snacking.


Cold Drinks

To quench your thirst there is always cold beer (cerviza fria), lemonade (limonada) and natural fruit drinks (aguas frescas).


Let us know if you have other beach food of Mexico suggestions to add to the list!




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