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The Food Of Colima In Mexico

The food of Colima in Mexico

Colima, on the west coast of Mexico, is the country’s fourth smallest state covering just under 5,500 square kilometres. The food of Colima in Mexico is a fusion of meat dishes from the semi-arid ranch land interior, with sub-tropical crops including coconuts, limes, avocado, sugar cane, coffee and bananas and the fruits of the Pacific Ocean, where coastal fishing provides fresh seafood including swordfish and red snapper.


The food of Colima in Mexico is a delicious blend of flavours, ingredients and origins rooted in a deep food history that dates back 3000 years. Some dishes to look out for in Colima include:


Caldillo de pescado 

A fish stew made with various kinds of fish fresh from the coast.

Ceviche de pescado ahumado

A smoked fish ceviche that is a local specialty.

Tamal de chihuilin 

Tamale cooked in a banana leaf. The tamal dough is made with corn masa blended with pig grease that filled with river fish known as chihuilines.

Pozole de cerdo seco

A hominy (coarsely ground corn like grits) and pork stew which is served quite dry.

Tatemado de puerco de Colima

A dish of pork loin and pork ribs marinated in coconut vinegar cooked into a stew with chilli.


With an abundance of coconuts in Colima, there are many coconut based desserts on the menu, such as Alfajores which are biscuits sandwiched together with a sweet filling that usually involves coconut.

Sweet Empanadas

Tortillas folded over ingredients like coconut, lemon, orange and nuts with brown sugar that are then fried in oil.


There is a variety of local drinks to try in Colima as well including;


A smoothie style breakfast drink blending milk, fruit and ice.


This is a pungent drink made of the toasted, ground-up herb called chan that is sweetened with honey


Unique to the region, Tuba is a drink made from coconut palm sap. It is sweet and pleasant to drink and can also can be fermented to a type of wine.


Similarly, Tuxca is made from the fermented sap of a local agave


The food of Colima in Mexico is sure to please any palate with a variety of cuisine styles, ingredients and flavours.

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