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Totopos Are The Original Corn Chip

Totopos are the Original Corn Chip

Made from fried pieces of corn tortilla, Totopos are the original corn chip. Originating in the 1940s, Totopos are now a popular snack food in many western countries and we always open a bag or two when friends and family arrive.

The origins of Totopos

Nothing is wasted in Mexican households and Mexican people had been frying their leftover tortillas at home long before their commercial production commenced. According to World Food History the original Totopos were first mass-produced in a Mexican delicatessen and tortilleria in Los Angeles in the 1940s. The owner of the delicatessen, Rebecca Webb Carranza, produced the first Totopos as a way to use the misshapen tortillas that were rejected from her automated tortilla making machine. She fried the rejected tortilla pieces and served them to customers as a snack. The rest, as they say, is history!

How do we make Doña Cholita Totopos?

We create our delicious Totopos using fresh Doña Cholita organic corn tortillas. Rather than using the tortilla rejects, we hand cut our original organic white and blue corn tortillas into triangles and fry the pieces in small batches. The result is crispy Totopos that actually taste like corn! We use only the best ingredients, including certified non-GMO rice bran oil for frying and Himalayan pink salt for seasoning.

Taste the Totopos difference

Totopos are about as tasty and as healthy as a corn chip can get. The principal difference between our Doña Cholita Totopos and the commercial corn chip is that we use a different corn or maize in the making of our tortillas.  Our  organic corn has undergone a process known as nixtamalization. This process activates the corn to make it easier for your body to digest and access the nutrients. Commercial corn chips are made with regular dried corn and so they lack the additional nutritional benefits and the flavour of our Doña Cholita Totopos

How do you eat Totopos

Our Totopos taste so good that you can eat them on their own! Otherwise we like to serve ours with guacamole, salsa, refried beans, topped with sauerkraut or as the base of nachos. Unlike commercial corn chips, they won’t go soggy.

Another favourite way to eat our Doña Cholita Totopos is in this fresh Ceviche with Totopos  recipe. Yum!

Try our Doña Cholita Totopos and taste the difference. You’ll soon know why they are the original corn chip and the best.

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