Here you will find real Mexican Recipes, home cooked authentic recipes that have been tried and tested in our kitchen and adapted for the Australian cook. We aren’t trying to do anything fancy, just real Mexican food.

We love cooking! Cooking is something Jefte & I (Joey) do for fun, to wind down, to chill out, to connect. The act of preparing a meal and sharing it with family and friends holds something magical for us. But it’s not cooking just anything, we are passionate about Mexican food. The variety, the complexity, the history & the amazing flavours!

We want to ensure that our boys are exposed to Mexican food and in turn culture, we want to keep our connection to Mexico strong for our children and raise them to pursue their passion. This is ours.


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Recipe: Ceviche with totopos

Recipes: ceviche with totopos

Recipe: Mexican Salsa

Recipes: Mexican Salsa

Recipe: Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al pastor

Guacamole: real avocado dip


Recipe: Sopa de Tortilla

Sopa de tortilla

Recipe: Chicken Tinga (pulled chipotle chicken)

chicken tinga

Recipe: Frijoles refritos (Refried Beans)


Recipe: Chiles Rellenos

chiles rellenos

Recipe: Fajitas

fajita recipe

Enchiladas de Pollo (chicken enchiladas)

Recipe: Rib Eye Tacos